Structural Remediation / Hydro Demolition

Innovation & Excellence in remedial works

Fundamental to remediation of reinforced concrete structures is a capability to provide concrete repair services and a technical understanding of corrosion mitigation in these structures.

As structures progress through their design life and components start to degrade, structural remediation is a cost effective solution to prolong or extend the life of the asset instead of undergoing a full structure replacement. This is especially relevant when dealing with critical infrastructure such as town, city and highway bridge infrastructure, wharves, mining platforms and rail bridges.

Structural remediation can take form in many different areas, such as:

  • Remedial diagnosis;
  • Defect identification;
  • Bridge Load Testing;
  • Concrete repair;
  • Structural Strengthening;
  • Cathodic Protection;
  • Steel beam repairs;
  • Pile repairs;
  • Hydraulic lifting;
  • Ground anchors;
  • Shotcrete application;
  • Protective coatings;
  • Rail infrastructure remediation; and
  • High pressure water jetting, including concrete blasting, ultra high pressure cleaning, hydro blasting and hydro demolition.

VEC has extensive experience in all of those aspects listed above, and this, combined with our experienced Project Managers, our certified Quality Assurance processes, and having a close relationship with a network of experienced subcontractors and suppliers, we are able to complete successful projects that involve structural remediation.

VEC owns several Plant and Equipment items, offering all-round in-house structural remediation, including high pressure water blasting equipment that features a robotic frame.

Services we can provide include:
  • Concrete repair
  • Technical understanding of corrosion mitigation
  • The removal of existing contaminated or damaged concrete
  • The replacement with new shrinkage modified repair mortars.

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